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Alpha Omega Coatings P/L has not just a team of individuals but entire organizations that bring together a wealth of resources and expertise to tackle turnkey projects that are challenging and diverse.

Our Corporate Philosophy has always been "not to re-invent the wheel". We strongly believe in outsourcing key areas of our business to established industry players in the market place. Our selection process is rigorous. Specialized training is provided in the use of our range of products and quality control/assurance is totally under the control of Alpha Omega Coatings P/L.

Our Focus is Corrosion Control in Old Steel. We provide a holistic approach to corrosion control. It starts with a corrosion evaluation audit and ends with implementing a routine maintenance program that extends the useful life of our customer's asset.

Our Aim is to be a Solution Provider for all corrosion related problems. We provide a "one stop shop of services and products" for our entire client's corrosion related needs. Our solutions will be cost effective with minimizing down time of our client's asset.


Our TEAM ALPHA comprises:

 MA-LINK MARINE P/L Specialist Applicators

Having had many years of proven track record in the industry MA-LINK MARINE P/L are our nominated specialist applicators. MA-LINK MARINE P/L has built a reputation on delivering on their promises. MA-LINK MARINE is a registered contractor in many of the shipyards in Singapore. They have over 7 years experience in installing our ECO friendly coating systems.

NISSI MARINE (168) P/L Specialist Scaffolding Contractor

Access is a vital part of our business. Access to difficult areas and heights is crucial during inspection, surface preparation and installation of our coating systems. Safety is our ultimate priority in all projects we undertake. NISSI MARINE (168) P/L has certified scaffolders to undertake both on-shore and off-shore projects. They have scaffolding equipment that will both meet JIS and BS1139 standards.

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