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Alpha Prime ZNS

ALPHA PRIME ZNS® is a multi-purpose, high performance, fully inorganic zinc silicate water-base metal primer.  The system comprises 2 components, a water-base silicate binder and fine zinc powder. ALPHA PRIME ZNS® is easy to use, effective and fast drying; it contains no VOCs and is non-flammable, non-toxic, non- hazardous to the applicator or user.  When mixed together,  a viscous paste is formed which is easily applied on properly cleaned and prepared metal substrates.  The cross-linking and polymerization process during curing of ALPHA PRIME ZNS®  brings about a chemical action which yields a hard, ceramic-like zinc-rich protective coating layer which is chemically bonded to the substrate, making the cleaned and prepared metal surface corrosion-resistant, wear and water-resistant.   


Offshore and Marine Structures (Exposed); Pipelines (Exposed); Repair and Retrofitting projects


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One Component, Water Based, Fully Inorganic Zinc Silicate Metal Primer



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