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Coating Installation

We are in the business of protecting and enhancing performance of old steel. Any corroded surface is porous and has a good surface profile. If we can find a suitable product that effectively seals corroded surface we can almost eliminate the corrosion process. We can also use the existing surface profile thus reducing the cost of surface preparation required by conventional paint systems.

Alpha Omega Coatings has developed a range of solvent free surface tolerant coatings; collectively they form the Alpha Line range.

The 3 pictures below show a typical case of badly corroded steel before and after treatment with Alpha Prime and Alpha Flex.

The Alpha Line products have no Volatile Organic Compounds, are non flammable and have no isocyanates. The Alpha Line products are ECO friendly high performance coating systems.

Typically we carry out coating installation work while the vessel is in anchorage or on voyage. The products that we use enable us to work safely without compromising quality and performance of installed coating system. This is all done without any downtime or expensive dry dock lay over. Our customers' vessel is productive and earning money.

We have developed surface preparation methods utilizing in-situ specialized equipment. Where resource and space is a premium, on board ocean going vessels and offshore installations, selecting equipment that "multi-task" becomes almost a necessity for cost effective project execution.

Picture shows the equipment used in the soft coating removal process. The Hydrotek unit is capable of producing hot water of up to 90 deg C. The unit comes with a soap intake valve where an ECO friendly soft coating remover is fed and mixed with water. The mixing ratio can be set and was set to 1:40. The Hydrotek unit doubles up as a slurry blasting machine as well.
After removal of Eureka (soft coating), surface was slurry
blasted with garnet of mesh size 30/60. Garnet is a safe
blasting medium and poses no threat to both health and
environment. Garnet is also harder than both grit and slag
achieving better surface at lower blasting pressure.
Picture shows slurry blasting in progress in Tank No.4 Starboard. Note the white metal surface achieved. Productivity is around 100m2 per day with one blaster. Blasting tips are made out of tungsten carbide and need replacing on average of 1000m2.
Picture shows surface in Tank No. 4 Starboard after Eureka removal and slurry blasting. This surface is now ready for painting.


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