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Provision of rapid and safe access solutions is vital for successful job execution and completion. Over the past 10 years we have provided safe access to all turnkey projects we have undertaken. We have worked in very challenging environments without loss time incidents or injuries. This is the direct result of having an experienced management team which has operated for many years in senior positions with multi national scaffolding companies, having completed some of the most complicated design scaffolds in very challenging environments. The Company through its nominated Specialist Sub Contractor has immediate access to extensive equipment stocks including both BS1139 and JIS to cater for all industrial requirements.


Scaffolding being erected around crane pedestal to provide access for coating installation and other mechanical works being done to receive main crane housing unit. Work done while barge afloat.

1) Crane pedestal and housing unit successfully integrated with coating works completed. Scaffolding dismantled. All work done while barge afloat.

2) Scaffolding being dismantled after completion of coating installation

Scaffolding erected inside a Ballast tank for coating works during voyage.
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