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Our Services

We saw the need in the industry for a company that would be a single source for total corrosion control. This would involve comprehensive corrosion evaluation services, coating system selection, coating system installation, coating system performance evaluation and maintenance.

Alpha Omega Coatings Pte. Ltd provides the following services:

  • Inspection Services ( Corrosion evaluation, Coating installation and Coating System Performance Evaluation)
  • Scaffolding to BS 1139 as well as JIS
  • Coating Installation that includes slurry blasting and UHP blasting to a minimum of SA2.0 surface standard
  • Refurbishment of ballast tanks during voyage
  • In-situ pipeline repair using high tech. Kevlar composite pipe wraps

We have both the equipment and personnel to provide you “a one stop shop” for corrosion control in old steel thereby maximizing returns from your assets and increasing their useful life.


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